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Sometimes drinking yourself under a table is not the best way to get a date (Note: This is not me I am in better shape)

Me at Geoff's wedding reception with his sister Janice

If your like me, insert 20 somethingish trying to figure out your place in the world either climbing the corporate ladder or experimenting with different options, then you probably have noticed what I have noticed lately. Just take a look at your Facebook feed, I am not going crazy but it seem everyone I know is getting into relationships, engaged or already married.

With 2 weddings already this year (thanks Lindsey and Tolga, Julie and Geoff) and some more invites in the pipeline, you start to wonder if your single, how on earth are you going to meet someone that you don’t already know?

Well how do most people meet? According to a study by an online dating website based in the US suggest the following:

1) Through work/school                    36%

2) Through friend/family member      26%

3) Via Online Dating site                   17%

4) Through bars/clubs/social events   11%

5) Other                                           7%

6) Through church/places of worship    4%

What surprises me about all this is how high online dating is and it does not surprise me that it beats bars/clubs though. Let’s be honest the intentions you have under alcohol or when out partying is not necessarily the best side of a persons character if any indication of their character at all.

So what happens when there are no options through work (ie. all your coworkers are twice your age and married) and you are finished school? There is always your friends and family right? Family get togethers are usually well family unless someone brings a date, and well that would not go over well taking their date would it? Or what if you live in another country? Or be honest when you do go out it is usually with the same group of people because you are so busy living your own lives anyways, and the time is spent catching up. Lastly, I am against online dating although I know of some success stories, to me it seems unnatural and I could imagine discouraging as most people on it are because they are lonely and tired of trying or waiting for it to “happen”.

With all that said, NO ONE SAID IT WOULD BE EASY!! If it was I probably should at this point be able to keep a relationship more than 9 months (which if your wondering why you should even take advice from a guy like me, I will leave it to your judgement, but know I am friends with all my ex’s and 90% of them are in happy relationships, call me good luck mac 😉 ). There are millions of books out there, recently a few more for men (ie. THE GAME, MYSTERY METHOD), even a reality TV shows teaching men how to pickup women. However, the problem with these books for most guys, is well they take it literally, making it a game to “neg” girls, etc. and mostly revolve around picking up girls at a bar. Don’t get me wrong, you have to start somewhere with a complete stranger you don’t know, but beyond that initial attraction stage, surprise surprise you yourself have to carry the relationship, not gambits &games.

So with all that ranting done, here is my take on dating and what you came for…


1. Be Interesting
What does that even mean??? Maybe it’s doing magic tricks, or knowing every line to Anchorman? What is interesting for one person can be boring for another. What I mean by interesting is be passionate about something. Think about it, you know those people, when they talk to you their eyes light up, they have skip to their step, they are wait for it… HAPPY. The times in life when you meet people are the times when you are complete, when you are feeling fufiled chasing your dreams/hopes. Just reading a book right now called The Way of the Superior Man, but one thing that really stuck out for me was the idea that by not pursuing your own inner dreams, passions, you will not feel complete, hence you will be cheating a partner out of a truly complete relationship. So start with figuring out how to be truly happy, and if your not, you need to start looking inside to figure out who YOU really are, character, dreams, passions, before you can expect anyone else to start to discover it.

2. Get out there.

If you ever get a chance pick up a book called the last lecture or at least watch the YouTube video. If you are not familiar with it, last lectures are done at some universities where professors teach if it was their last lecture what they would want to leave behind, in this case it is literally a last lecture as a professor at Carnegie Mellon named Randy Pausch is diagnosed with terminal cancer. 

The reason I bring this up is, it is about getting out there! There is no point having dreams and goals if your not moving towards them, you might not get exactly the goal, but along the way you will not only find more fulfillment in your own life, but help others achieve their own goals and dreams. It is a tale old as time but I still think it is important today, in life and relationships, it is not what you say, it is what you do that counts and matters.


Amazing concept, but sitting at home playing World of Warcraft will not drop the person of your dreams into your lap, that or Facebook stalking people. Go out, chase those dreams, have fun, try new things, along the way you put yourself in situations to meet new people. Make it a goal, don’t just go to a vorspeil (preparty in norwegian) and hangout with the people you already know, mingle, mix, because you never know where things will lead.

One episode from How I met your mother, really hits it home, you want it to happen so badly, you keep waiting for it to happen, but really you need to focus on you and enjoying your life, because that person is on their way as fast as they can.

4. Take a chance
“He who hesitates masturbates” – How to Make it in America quote pretty much sums up that point. If I never asked the cute Swedish girl at the coffee shop to hangout I would have never had an amazing relationship taking me across 3 different countries, life’s biggest regrets are the things you never do. Think it’s from Michael Jordan, but goes along the lines of you will miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

5. Have fun

I guess the Top 5 can really summed up into 1, HAVE FUN!! Have fun with life, focus on you, enjoying the moments with friends and family, the rest will really follow 🙂 So smile, laugh, be happy, and the occasional time drink yourself literally under a table, because that guy didn’t end up alone that night lol.


Me before summer holidays of food and no exercise hit.

Well here I am back to blogging over a year and a half later. With things about to ramp up with the company (Gunnar Optiks Nordics) for a media launch, I figure I get back in the habit of writing without spell check, well not really, but definitely back in the habit of writing non-emails again.

Recently, I have made an effort to get myself back in shape after the summer holidays. Everyone usually looks for the quick fix, the hit the gym, or I will go on a diet, usually with the same old results. After spending a lot of time reading and researching, as well as a whole life of athletics, I am a firm believer to get results you need to have the right diet, with a good mixture of exercise (not just weights, or running, but all kinds of things).

I have dramatically changed my diet to avoid high insulin burning foods like grains (rice, it is hard!! I am asian) and pastas, and sticking to Primal Blueprint diet of meats, vegetables, fruits, and nuts. The concept is more or less the idea we should eat the way we did before farming began and adopt a lifestyle more attuned to that of Grok the caveman, which by the way today is genetically superior to us (all that MW2 video game playing is not helping). My friend Mikael is the one that got me going with the diet by lending me the book, but from what I understand it is very similar to what is called a paleo diet. Now here is my thing with diets or certain meal things, they are so strict. I do my best to stick to “healthy food” but I am not going to say no to the occasional cheeseburger from Fridays, or dinner out with friends at a Thai place, I think it is important to try your best but don’t beat yourself up about sticking to something. Also, by diet I am referring to what you eat not the idea of losing weight by changing what you are eating. For me this diet so far I feel a lot more energy and I eat when I am hungry, and not to the point anymore where I am laying around after 1lb of lasagna ready for a nap.

The sign I was out of shape was doing a fitness beep test for rugby where I did abysmally (think I barely beat some forwards aka the fat guys). So what are the options for getting in shape?

Well Option 1: The Global Gym, which for me I had done before, and well you quickly lose motivation, get tired of the same routine and lets put it honestly a little anti-social, everyone goes to do their own thing or to try to pickup, but in the end you look the same a year later. Option 2: Personal training, which is great for developing competencies on how to do exercises and makes you show up for sessions with a coach, but is really expensive. Option 3: Home gym, great because you can workout to your schedule and when, the problem is you may not always have all the equipment, or the motivation as it is very lonely to want to sit there doing situps for 30mins by yourself. Option 4: Sports/Activities, are a lot of fun and great for fitness, with rugby I have practices usually 2 times a week, and a game every weekend. I think activities/sports should be done in conjunction with a fitness program, as you do not always get to build on fitness as the majority of time it is focused more on skill development. Plus if you get stronger, faster, makes you even better at the activities you like doing for fun.

A new option a lot of people have not heard of before is Crossfit. Well what is Crossfit, other than these workouts that keep popping on my Facebook newsfeed as I have sync my beyondthewhiteboard Crossfit fitness tracker? Well it is growing in popularity in the US and thank you to my friend Melissa who is a trainer back in Canada for getting me introduced and started. Here is two videos to give you an idea:

I have started doing 3x week sessions at Oslo Crossfit and WOW!! I am loving it. Before I tried doing Crossfit workouts at Elixa where I had a membership, but equipment would always be busy, or they would not have the right stuff, or I didn’t know how to do certain movements properly. Now I have some great instructors helping to teach me essential movements like power cleans, muscle ups, etc. Also, I think one of the things I like the most is the social aspect, you are with a group of 20-30 people all pushing themselves and pushing each other to finish the workouts. You don’t get people cheering you on to finish at the regular gyms that is for sure. Lastly, it is one hell of a workout, although sometimes the Workout of the Day (WOD) is only 10-20mins long, you leave everything out there. I am literally on the floor after a session and exhausted, but so is EVERYONE else. Let me know if you want to come try a session (first one is free) and to learn more about it check out

All I know is I am having a lot of fun, feel healither, and for some odd reason catch myself spending too much time in front of the mirror between the shower and actually getting dressed 🙂

– Brian

The sun has come to oslo!

After this weekend I can not help but be excited for the spring and summer ahead in my new home Oslo. This weekend it was warm and sunny till 8-9 at night. The whole city seemed tocome to life, ex. Walking home at 4am some streets wereblocked with drunk people from the bar haha. Spent my Sunday doing what the day was designed for relaxing. It is such a contrast to toronto and home where everyone is running around doings errands. With everything closed, everyone here is out in the park reading, playing frisbee, and my favourite thing so far BBQ! They have these mini 5 dollar grills that you throw out after. What I am trying to get across is go hangout in a park with no agenda it’s very euro to do 🙂

Why not international?

Enjoy the view from the Swiss Alps?

Enjoy the view from the Swiss Alps?

Ever thought about working abroad, like really working towards a career not just bartending in the beaches in oz which no doubt would be fun (insert queenslands best job in the world campaign – amazing case of how media has gone social and global. I prepared for a presentation at AIESEC BI about going abroad, I am asking myself what should I focus on and talk about. No matter how I slice it, I keep migrating over and over to the same idea, opportunity. So first how are some ways you can go abroad and here are my 5 top reasons why you should.

Traditional Opportunities for International Experience

  • Semester Exchange
  • Climb the corporate ladder and get international placement
  • Travel / Vacation
  • Find a job overseas (not so easy to do)
Work can take you interesting places

Work can take you interesting places

Why going International gives you the “Opportunity” to have a great story!

1) doesn’t make your cv better, it makes you interesting.

For those new to the working world your cv just gets you in the front door with an interview. When looking at a pile of resumes all ms word templates (which by the way is no way to standout) what makes you interesting? All new grads have a degree but how many can saw they worked for an investment firm in the Ukraine like my friend chris. Interviewers are always asking tell me about the experience, why, how, etc because they are ppl too and everyone likes a good story 🙂

2) Leadership comes from building/revealing character –> Self Discovery
One of the most quintessential thing in developing leadership and achieving goals is knowing who you are. One thing every AIESEC intern will tell you is how much they learn about themself during the experience. Here you are in a new place no saftey net and you are pushed to grow. You discover more about your values, goals, hopes, cause that’s what a new place will do for you as you search to find people that share similar goals. Push your comfort zone.

3) Develop new skill sets

Going abroad creates a vast amount of cultural skill development opportunities, let it be learning a new language, discovering new cultural norms, or how to work in a variety of foreign markets. At my position at Mobile Nordic on any given day I am running campaigns in Germany, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway which all present their own unique set of challenges.

4) Expanding the empire aka. growing your network internationally.

With emerging technology that really closes the geographic distance (skype with my mom every few weeks 😀 ) there is a lot of benefit in working abroad.

Not only do you grow your personal networks with new friends but your professional network grows as well. Additionally, going through organizations such as AIESEC offer even more opportunities for international network building, friends of mine are in Belgium, Netherlands, China, Malta, etc. all pursuing interesting work opportunities. Who knows maybe they need some more marketing people in a surfing town in Portugal?


Welcome to Oslo!

This particularly is one of my favourite aspects of working abroad. You aren’t just a tourist but you become part of the everyday chorus of life in a new country discovering what it truly means to be a local. Backpacking is a lot of fun and highly reccomended as I went on a journey last year, but it’s different to live somewhere else. Also the nice bonus to working abroad is you can spend your weekends discovering more places in your country, or neighbouring countries as well, always keeping things interesting. A quote I am stealing from a friends facebook profile, but “The world is like a book, not travelling is like only reading the first page” and my own speiel on travelling “Travel to explore, not to escape!” as in travel to see, hear, and make new stories, don’t just do it to escape for your everyday, life is to short to hate what your doing everyday.

So GET OUT there and find opportunities to work abroad, I highly recommend AIESEC as a lot of the positions are worthwhile career building experience. 6 months ago I didn’t think I would be in Oslo, and especially didn’t think I would be picking up my 3 year work permit last week as the company has offered me full-time along with potential for stock options. So WHY NOT?? Honestly what is the worst that can happen? You can just go back home 🙂 or the upside is you may just find a new wealth of opportunities you never could of imagined.

Any help or suggestions in looking for work abroad don’t hesitate to ask!

Too many people on twitter lol!

Too many people on twitter lol!

Wow this happened to me on Twitter, guess they didnt plan on exploding in growth this year! What happens when you make it easy to setup lol

So it has been awhile since I last updated this blog and ironically enough it’s when I get an iphone again, thank you mobile nordic. A lot has happened and I have grown quite a bit. Just riding the bus to work on a Sunday, Norwegians and their cross country skiing LOL. The first thing is work, it’s the first time since coke that I found a place that really let’s me be challenged and felt that I belong. How can you argue with a place that gets you an iMac, iPhone and takes you to Spain for networking at gsma mobile world congress. Hence I have signed a full time contract this Friday to stay as we are headed towards even bigger things! The big take away from this is how important the right environment and people make in your overall hapiness. With essentially 3 parts to balanced life, health, wealth, and love I am finally back in the Zone!

Random but last Monday had a great chat with the owner of kor cafe lounge, Albania guy who has quite the story, worked hard to be a mafia boss then somehow ended up in Oslo. But the big takeaway from the night is keep being me and that right moment will come so just enjoy the journey, just as I put a lot of pressure on myself to have it all now. Plan to have no plan.

Think the next post will be more on some great productivity tools I have discovered and how the right tools make a difference.

As well as some neat things happening in mobile marketing along with just cool things I find in Oslo we don’t have back in Canada.


You would think with about 2 weeks to go I would have more things wrapped up, NOPE. I keep wasting so much time lounging, yet at the same I am in no particular rush. The biggest concern is making sure money is ok to go, so I gotta get in all the income that is owed, so I can get going, hopefully…

I told my friend Hayley I could pack my life in a day, as much as that’s true for physical goods, i am finding it’s the relationships that are the hardest part. I have spent my life building a lot of friendships through numerous adventures here that it’s hard to say goodbye to everyone and even more interesting to see who cares enough to say goodbye as well. If this isn’t a challenge of personal strength to move to a new place and to see what real friendships exsists outside of your general hello, wassup, than that will be worth the experience itself. It’s not so much goodbye forever, it’s more goodbye until I see you again but this time it may not be for awhile when we cross paths next.

Regardless sometimes you just have to throw yourself to the winds of the universe and hope for the best. The last month or so since CYBF has been difficult but a great experience in self discovery, learning to live with less and seeing what is really important. Great things are ahead and brewing, and the worst that can happen, isn’t that bad, so why not go out in the world and shake it up a little. I figure once you have a better grasp on your own skills, personality, dreams, you can let the universe unfold but influenced in the direction you want.

2 more weeks to say goodbye, finish like 4 different projects for work, get money in order, and off to an adventure in Norway! Bring on the 4-5 hours of sunlight a day during the winter… Bring on the snowboarding, iceclimbing, and blondes!

Keep everyone posted with more next week. Think I’ll discuss understanding women and relationships, fun!

Moving to Norway


Lots and new exciting things happening in life these days. I am trying to post at least once a week now as a way of journalling to share my adventures and excitment.

First big item, life changing move of geography! I am moving November 10th-11th to Norway to start a new job with a company called Mobile Nordic. Excited for the opportuntiy to be employee #10 which offers a lot of opportunity for growth, and to demonstrate what I can do globally. The job will be filled with lots to do and tons of responsibility, here’s hoping I get to do some travelling for work. Yes, I know, NORWAY, is a very random place to move but the role is great, I love the outdoors (hiking, snowboarding, sailing, etc.) which is an important part of Norwegian culture and I am at a hub of Europe (quick Ryanair flight gets me to Paris for the weekend 🙂 )

As exciting as it is, to move to a new place, new job, when you have only 3 weeks to wrap up your life in Canada to move it is a little scary. Scary to get everything done in time, say/spend time with those that matter, and to move outside a familar and comfortable life. Let’s be honest tons of friends and networks here in Canada, but it is a once in a lifetime opportunity that the worst that can happen is I come back home, so why not?

That is a great way to look at it I think, been reading 4-hour work week from Tim Ferris, what’s the worst that can happen? People are always afraid to make decisions and choices, but when you outline the worst case scenerio it doesn’t seem that bad. Worst case I come back home, and do odd jobs till i get a job. Best case, amazing work experience, the company grows, goes public and I have more opportunities in Europe 🙂

I definitely recommend to people to take the time to journal and map out goals. Now that I know that one day I want to run my own foundation doing development globally and locally, and need a sustaining business to support, I can work towards those goals but having fun along the way (“mini-vacations” – Like learning to surf in Australia and Thailand Bali one month, Learn french in France, etc.). I like the concept that life is about excitement and adventure, I always said I live my life to have stories to tell, cause that’s what our time is here in this world, a story.

Off to a meeting but coles notes of my life right now.

1) Moving to Norway
2) New bi-monthly radio show to discuss the ideas/people changing and have changed our world on WLU Radio
3) Marketing director os Student Offering Support – National charity utilzing tutoring as a fundraising vehicle to support development projects in developing nations.
4) Looking for Miss Indpendent 🙂
5) Odd jobs of graphic design, event management, promo work, and small business consulting to make $ to pay for Norway and wrap up bills.
6) Partying in the Loo one last week, then Toronto, hopefully mini-trip to NYC, before I leave.

Cheers and stay out of trouble!

– BMac

So, I haven’t updated…

So, I haven’t updated this blog in a long time but I figure I know how to Jott, so I will use that to update and see how things go. Pretty excited about life in general. A lot of opportunities on listen

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A blog entry now, and…

A blog entry now, and so I’m here today at York University having lunch with my friend Daniel, and we’re debating what to do with our lives. No, I’m just testing out this feature on jott, that’s all. listen

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