You would think with about 2 weeks to go I would have more things wrapped up, NOPE. I keep wasting so much time lounging, yet at the same I am in no particular rush. The biggest concern is making sure money is ok to go, so I gotta get in all the income that is owed, so I can get going, hopefully…

I told my friend Hayley I could pack my life in a day, as much as that’s true for physical goods, i am finding it’s the relationships that are the hardest part. I have spent my life building a lot of friendships through numerous adventures here that it’s hard to say goodbye to everyone and even more interesting to see who cares enough to say goodbye as well. If this isn’t a challenge of personal strength to move to a new place and to see what real friendships exsists outside of your general hello, wassup, than that will be worth the experience itself. It’s not so much goodbye forever, it’s more goodbye until I see you again but this time it may not be for awhile when we cross paths next.

Regardless sometimes you just have to throw yourself to the winds of the universe and hope for the best. The last month or so since CYBF has been difficult but a great experience in self discovery, learning to live with less and seeing what is really important. Great things are ahead and brewing, and the worst that can happen, isn’t that bad, so why not go out in the world and shake it up a little. I figure once you have a better grasp on your own skills, personality, dreams, you can let the universe unfold but influenced in the direction you want.

2 more weeks to say goodbye, finish like 4 different projects for work, get money in order, and off to an adventure in Norway! Bring on the 4-5 hours of sunlight a day during the winter… Bring on the snowboarding, iceclimbing, and blondes!

Keep everyone posted with more next week. Think I’ll discuss understanding women and relationships, fun!