So it has been awhile since I last updated this blog and ironically enough it’s when I get an iphone again, thank you mobile nordic. A lot has happened and I have grown quite a bit. Just riding the bus to work on a Sunday, Norwegians and their cross country skiing LOL. The first thing is work, it’s the first time since coke that I found a place that really let’s me be challenged and felt that I belong. How can you argue with a place that gets you an iMac, iPhone and takes you to Spain for networking at gsma mobile world congress. Hence I have signed a full time contract this Friday to stay as we are headed towards even bigger things! The big take away from this is how important the right environment and people make in your overall hapiness. With essentially 3 parts to balanced life, health, wealth, and love I am finally back in the Zone!

Random but last Monday had a great chat with the owner of kor cafe lounge, Albania guy who has quite the story, worked hard to be a mafia boss then somehow ended up in Oslo. But the big takeaway from the night is keep being me and that right moment will come so just enjoy the journey, just as I put a lot of pressure on myself to have it all now. Plan to have no plan.

Think the next post will be more on some great productivity tools I have discovered and how the right tools make a difference.

As well as some neat things happening in mobile marketing along with just cool things I find in Oslo we don’t have back in Canada.