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So it has been awhile since I last updated this blog and ironically enough it’s when I get an iphone again, thank you mobile nordic. A lot has happened and I have grown quite a bit. Just riding the bus to work on a Sunday, Norwegians and their cross country skiing LOL. The first thing is work, it’s the first time since coke that I found a place that really let’s me be challenged and felt that I belong. How can you argue with a place that gets you an iMac, iPhone and takes you to Spain for networking at gsma mobile world congress. Hence I have signed a full time contract this Friday to stay as we are headed towards even bigger things! The big take away from this is how important the right environment and people make in your overall hapiness. With essentially 3 parts to balanced life, health, wealth, and love I am finally back in the Zone!

Random but last Monday had a great chat with the owner of kor cafe lounge, Albania guy who has quite the story, worked hard to be a mafia boss then somehow ended up in Oslo. But the big takeaway from the night is keep being me and that right moment will come so just enjoy the journey, just as I put a lot of pressure on myself to have it all now. Plan to have no plan.

Think the next post will be more on some great productivity tools I have discovered and how the right tools make a difference.

As well as some neat things happening in mobile marketing along with just cool things I find in Oslo we don’t have back in Canada.



You would think with about 2 weeks to go I would have more things wrapped up, NOPE. I keep wasting so much time lounging, yet at the same I am in no particular rush. The biggest concern is making sure money is ok to go, so I gotta get in all the income that is owed, so I can get going, hopefully…

I told my friend Hayley I could pack my life in a day, as much as that’s true for physical goods, i am finding it’s the relationships that are the hardest part. I have spent my life building a lot of friendships through numerous adventures here that it’s hard to say goodbye to everyone and even more interesting to see who cares enough to say goodbye as well. If this isn’t a challenge of personal strength to move to a new place and to see what real friendships exsists outside of your general hello, wassup, than that will be worth the experience itself. It’s not so much goodbye forever, it’s more goodbye until I see you again but this time it may not be for awhile when we cross paths next.

Regardless sometimes you just have to throw yourself to the winds of the universe and hope for the best. The last month or so since CYBF has been difficult but a great experience in self discovery, learning to live with less and seeing what is really important. Great things are ahead and brewing, and the worst that can happen, isn’t that bad, so why not go out in the world and shake it up a little. I figure once you have a better grasp on your own skills, personality, dreams, you can let the universe unfold but influenced in the direction you want.

2 more weeks to say goodbye, finish like 4 different projects for work, get money in order, and off to an adventure in Norway! Bring on the 4-5 hours of sunlight a day during the winter… Bring on the snowboarding, iceclimbing, and blondes!

Keep everyone posted with more next week. Think I’ll discuss understanding women and relationships, fun!

Moving to Norway


Lots and new exciting things happening in life these days. I am trying to post at least once a week now as a way of journalling to share my adventures and excitment.

First big item, life changing move of geography! I am moving November 10th-11th to Norway to start a new job with a company called Mobile Nordic. Excited for the opportuntiy to be employee #10 which offers a lot of opportunity for growth, and to demonstrate what I can do globally. The job will be filled with lots to do and tons of responsibility, here’s hoping I get to do some travelling for work. Yes, I know, NORWAY, is a very random place to move but the role is great, I love the outdoors (hiking, snowboarding, sailing, etc.) which is an important part of Norwegian culture and I am at a hub of Europe (quick Ryanair flight gets me to Paris for the weekend 🙂 )

As exciting as it is, to move to a new place, new job, when you have only 3 weeks to wrap up your life in Canada to move it is a little scary. Scary to get everything done in time, say/spend time with those that matter, and to move outside a familar and comfortable life. Let’s be honest tons of friends and networks here in Canada, but it is a once in a lifetime opportunity that the worst that can happen is I come back home, so why not?

That is a great way to look at it I think, been reading 4-hour work week from Tim Ferris, what’s the worst that can happen? People are always afraid to make decisions and choices, but when you outline the worst case scenerio it doesn’t seem that bad. Worst case I come back home, and do odd jobs till i get a job. Best case, amazing work experience, the company grows, goes public and I have more opportunities in Europe 🙂

I definitely recommend to people to take the time to journal and map out goals. Now that I know that one day I want to run my own foundation doing development globally and locally, and need a sustaining business to support, I can work towards those goals but having fun along the way (“mini-vacations” – Like learning to surf in Australia and Thailand Bali one month, Learn french in France, etc.). I like the concept that life is about excitement and adventure, I always said I live my life to have stories to tell, cause that’s what our time is here in this world, a story.

Off to a meeting but coles notes of my life right now.

1) Moving to Norway
2) New bi-monthly radio show to discuss the ideas/people changing and have changed our world on WLU Radio
3) Marketing director os Student Offering Support – National charity utilzing tutoring as a fundraising vehicle to support development projects in developing nations.
4) Looking for Miss Indpendent 🙂
5) Odd jobs of graphic design, event management, promo work, and small business consulting to make $ to pay for Norway and wrap up bills.
6) Partying in the Loo one last week, then Toronto, hopefully mini-trip to NYC, before I leave.

Cheers and stay out of trouble!

– BMac