Enjoy the view from the Swiss Alps?

Enjoy the view from the Swiss Alps?

Ever thought about working abroad, like really working towards a career not just bartending in the beaches in oz which no doubt would be fun (insert queenslands best job in the world campaign – amazing case of how media has gone social and global. I prepared for a presentation at AIESEC BI about going abroad, I am asking myself what should I focus on and talk about. No matter how I slice it, I keep migrating over and over to the same idea, opportunity. So first how are some ways you can go abroad and here are my 5 top reasons why you should.

Traditional Opportunities for International Experience

  • Semester Exchange
  • Climb the corporate ladder and get international placement
  • Travel / Vacation
  • Find a job overseas (not so easy to do)
Work can take you interesting places

Work can take you interesting places

Why going International gives you the “Opportunity” to have a great story!

1) doesn’t make your cv better, it makes you interesting.

For those new to the working world your cv just gets you in the front door with an interview. When looking at a pile of resumes all ms word templates (which by the way is no way to standout) what makes you interesting? All new grads have a degree but how many can saw they worked for an investment firm in the Ukraine like my friend chris. Interviewers are always asking tell me about the experience, why, how, etc because they are ppl too and everyone likes a good story 🙂

2) Leadership comes from building/revealing character –> Self Discovery
One of the most quintessential thing in developing leadership and achieving goals is knowing who you are. One thing every AIESEC intern will tell you is how much they learn about themself during the experience. Here you are in a new place no saftey net and you are pushed to grow. You discover more about your values, goals, hopes, cause that’s what a new place will do for you as you search to find people that share similar goals. Push your comfort zone.

3) Develop new skill sets

Going abroad creates a vast amount of cultural skill development opportunities, let it be learning a new language, discovering new cultural norms, or how to work in a variety of foreign markets. At my position at Mobile Nordic on any given day I am running campaigns in Germany, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway which all present their own unique set of challenges.

4) Expanding the empire aka. growing your network internationally.

With emerging technology that really closes the geographic distance (skype with my mom every few weeks 😀 ) there is a lot of benefit in working abroad.

Not only do you grow your personal networks with new friends but your professional network grows as well. Additionally, going through organizations such as AIESEC offer even more opportunities for international network building, friends of mine are in Belgium, Netherlands, China, Malta, etc. all pursuing interesting work opportunities. Who knows maybe they need some more marketing people in a surfing town in Portugal?


Welcome to Oslo!

This particularly is one of my favourite aspects of working abroad. You aren’t just a tourist but you become part of the everyday chorus of life in a new country discovering what it truly means to be a local. Backpacking is a lot of fun and highly reccomended as I went on a journey last year, but it’s different to live somewhere else. Also the nice bonus to working abroad is you can spend your weekends discovering more places in your country, or neighbouring countries as well, always keeping things interesting. A quote I am stealing from a friends facebook profile, but “The world is like a book, not travelling is like only reading the first page” and my own speiel on travelling “Travel to explore, not to escape!” as in travel to see, hear, and make new stories, don’t just do it to escape for your everyday, life is to short to hate what your doing everyday.

So GET OUT there and find opportunities to work abroad, I highly recommend AIESEC as a lot of the positions are worthwhile career building experience. 6 months ago I didn’t think I would be in Oslo, and especially didn’t think I would be picking up my 3 year work permit last week as the company has offered me full-time along with potential for stock options. So WHY NOT?? Honestly what is the worst that can happen? You can just go back home 🙂 or the upside is you may just find a new wealth of opportunities you never could of imagined.

Any help or suggestions in looking for work abroad don’t hesitate to ask!